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Jean-Philippe, Lead Works Foreman

I joined Freyssinet France in 2007 as a Building division lead worker, applying the reinforcement, rehabilitation and concrete repair methods developed by the company.
In 2008, I became Assistant Site Manager. I worked on projects such as strengthening and extending the Auchan store in Vélizy-Villacoublay (France), then I was involved in repairing the Channel Tunnel (damaged by a fire), where I spent four unforgettable months.
In 2009, I was promoted to Site Manager, and then in 2010 I became a Lead Works Foreman. For several months, I managed a balcony repair and reinforcement project in Issy les Moulineaux (France), using the "resin-anchored strand" technique.

In 2012, I was assigned to a great rehabilitation project on the Pannecière Dam (in the Nièvre region of France).

In short, my job is to turn a project into a reality in line with our client's requirements, within the time allowed and in accordance with site Quality and Safety rules. There are numerous activities linked with my position:

=> Planning tasks with the Charge Hand

=> Monitoring progress in order to prepare material and equipment orders with the Works Foreman

=> Checking items in and out

=> Ensuring that teams comply with Safety rules

=> Performing internal Quality control

=> Representing the company to the client, etc.

I feel very sad when I have to leave a site at the end of a project and say goodbye to people I've enjoyed spending time with. On the other hand, it gives me great satisfaction to see the work successfully completed on our client's behalf and I'm proud to represent our company